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Video Transcription:

TrainerMetrics is a fitness assessment and data collection platform designed for fitness centers, campus recreation, medical fitness organizations, and corporate wellness.

If you didn’t already know, personal trainers are the best fitness data collection resources on the planet. However, most lack the tools necessary to communicate accurate health and fitness results to their client base.

TrainerMetrics leverages a wide array of peer-reviewed fitness assessments already accepted by the sports-medicine community, making it easy to:

  • Quantify a baseline of the client’s current level of fitness
  • Define goals
  • Track progress
  • Compare results to population norms
  • Share data with clients digitally or physically

Simply put, TrainerMetrics supercharges trainers, giving clients and organizations a panoramic view of all metrics relevant to client health and progress.

By providing in-depth assessment and tracking tools, TrainerMetrics helps organizations build standardized programs, prove ROI, and prevent injury. In turn, this builds credibility and keeps clients coming back, resulting in a more stable and profitable business.

The Modern Platform for Personal Training Operations