Trunk Lift

Quickly measure and calculate your posterior chain mobility and stability

This test measures your upper body flexibility and the strength of the muscles that stabilize your upper body and protect your spinal cord. Trunk Lift will let you know if you work is needed to the strength of your lower back muscles. These muscles are important for the avoidance of injury as you increase activity through your exercise program.

Trunk Lift Protocol


Assess and compare posterior chain strength and anterior flexibility to healthy norms.


Yardstick or 12 inch rule and tape


Before testing allow participant to adequately stretch as well as perform moderate aerobic exercise. Consult with participant about any past muscular problems in their back.

  • The client lays face down position, with lower body relaxed and hands placed under or to the side of thighs.
  • To maintain spinal alignment, instruct client to maintain focus on the floor with chin tucked.
  • The client lifts their upper body off the floor, to a maximum height of 12 inches.
  • The measurement is the distance from the floor to the student’s chin.
  • Two trials are allowed, with the best score recorded.

Trunk Lift Calculation


Calculation Result

Trunk Lift Distance-
Trunk Lift Classification-

Trunk Lift Classification Chart

Superior13> 13
Very Poor06

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