Trunk Stability Push Up

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Unlike the Push Up, this is not a measurement of upper body strength. Instead, it helps your trainer assess your ability to initiate movement through the upper body without causing unintended movement through the torso or hips. This form of stability is an important indicator of your readiness to advance to more complicated movement patterns.

Trunk Stability Push Up Protocol


This test evaluates the ability to maintain a stable spine while performing a symmetrical upper body, closed kinetic chain, pushing movement. Note any extension and rotation compensations as these indicate stabilizer activation before prime movers engage.


Screening Kit


  • Instruct the client to get into a prone position with their arms extended overhead.
    • Male – begin with thumbs above their forehead.
    • Female begin with thumbs at chin.
  • Make sure that his/her knees are extended, and feet are perpendicular to the floor.
  • Instruct the client to perform a pushup, lifting the body, and maintaining a stable spine.
  • Perform test on each side up to 3 times and record best score.
  • Press-Up Clearing – Instruct the client to perform press-up in a similar position as a pushup.

Trunk Stability Push Up Calculation

3 - Correct unilateral repetition
2 - Correct diagonal repetition
1 - Incorrect diagonal repetition
0 - Pain is associated while performing the movement
Press-up Clearing Test

Calculation Result

Trunk Stability Push Up (Final Score)-

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