Hurdle Step

Quickly measure and calculate Movement Screens

This is a assessment of your ability to maintain stability when standing on one leg or while taking steps. Single leg stability is very important in fitness as well as in daily life, and any issues should be identified and considered to avoid injury while increasing your activity level during exercise.

Hurdle Step Protocol


The hurdle step movement evaluates compensation or asymmetry in stepping or hurdle functions. The test also challenges overall gait mechanics, while testing single-leg closed kinetic chain stability.


Screening Kit


  • Record the length of the client’s tibia, measuring it from the floor to the top center of the tibia, and adjust the hurdle-cord accordlingy.
  • Instruct him/her to stand behind and center of the hurdle, with feet touching at both the heels.
  • Place the dowel across the client’s shoulders.
  • Instruct him/her to step over the hurdle, touch the heel to the floor while maintaining a structured spine, and return the performing leg to the starting position.
  • Perform test on each side up to 3 times and record best score.

Hurdle Step Calculation

3 - Hips, knees and ankles aligned in sagittal plane, minimal movement in lumbar spine, dowel and hurdle remain parallel to floor
2 - Hips, knees and ankles not-aligned in sagittal plane, movement in lumbar spine, dowel and hurdle do not remain parallel to floor
1 - Contact between foot and hurdle, loss of balance
0 - Pain is associated while performing the movement

Calculation Result

Hurdle Step (Final Score)-

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