Max-Reps: Pull Ups

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The Pull Up is an athletic movement that requires significant upper body strength. Progress is measured by increases in repetitions. Please keep in mind that even a single Pull Up requires a substantial amount of strength and is therefore considered to be a relatively advanced movement, particularly for women or above a certain age. A large proportion of the population can’t perform a single Pull Up

Max-Reps: Pull Ups Protocol


Evaluate the ability of the upper posterior chain muscle groups to sustain repeated contractions against body weight resistance for an extended period of time or until failure.


Horizontal bar


A horizontal bar should be mounted out of the participants reach if their upper arms extended over head. They begin by hanging from bar with arms fully extended and hands positioned slightly wider than shoulders and pronated. Instruct the participant to vertically pull their body straight upward until their chin is above the bar. To return to down position, the participant should lower their body down until arms are fully extended. The test is stopped if the he or she can not get their chin above the bar

Max-Reps: Pull Ups Calculation


Calculation Result

Pull Ups(Max-Reps)-
Max-Reps Classification-

Max-Reps: Pull Ups Classification Chart

Very Poor01
Very Good1619
Excellent20> 20

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