Communicate Value & Results

Straight forward visual fitness progress with TrainerMetrics

Visual Data

Simple is best. Clear results displayed in simple tables and graphs.


Beautiful Overview

High-level overview summed up in one clean page.

Don't mistake activity for achievement


Help your clients improve

Looking good isn’t good enough anymore. Personal training clients want to see results if they’re paying for it. Now you can show them.

Spot trends at a glance

Clean graphs and organized charts make it easy to identify areas of opportunity and praise your client-base for all the progress they’re making.


Retain clients & develop your business

How much do your clients think you’re worth? The faster you can develop trust as a professional the easier it is for them to see value in their health and fitness progress.


“When my Trainer started tracking my fitness progress with TrainerMetrics, I instantly had all of my past and current results in the palm of my hand. Now we can both stay on top of what really matters.”

Madison K. | Client Stories

Track what matters


Create competition & accountability

How do your clients results stack up with their peers? Track fitness progress against comparative population norms and hold them accountable to reaching their goals.

Lifetime awareness

Just because you started with your clients on their journey doesn’t mean it ends with you. Encourage your client-base to update their fitness progress for a lifetime.


The Modern Platform for Personal Training Operations