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Minimal data necessary for clear training program recommendations.


Professional Guidelines

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Sensible training guidelines


Personalized recommendations

Start with the basics and drive fundamentals. Helping your clients build a stabile and functional foundation has never been easier.

Establish your legitimacy

The faster you can make anyone feel and move better, the faster you establish your expertise as a trainer.


Sell your training program

Take advantage of TrainerMetrics intelligent recommendations, set parameters, and build out customized training programs for your personal training clients.


“As a high school strength coach, monitoring our athlete’s fundamental movement is always a top priority. Now all of our teams have personalized mobility and stability corrective exercises they can do at home.”

Brandon C. | Trainer Stories

Stick with the basics and deliver results


Communicate like a professional

Corrective ExerciseExercisesMyofascial Relase, Flexibility, Activation
Muscular ImbalancesMuscle(s)Probable Underactive & Probable Overactive
Target Heart Rate ZonesIntensityLow, Moderate, High
Caloric IntakeActivity LevelResting, Sedentary, Lightly Active, Active, Very Active
Protein ConsumptionDietary & PerformanceMinimum & Maximum

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