Quick Wins

Use Goals to Lock-In Those New Year’s Resolutions


We all know that New Year’s resolutions create a huge burst of motivation to set and achieve goals. Unfortunately, motivation fades. As fitness professionals, what can we do to keep our clients focused after that initial surge of energy?

Simple. Write down their goals. Pick a target date, and revisit them every couple weeks.

Dr. Gail Matthews from the Dominican University of California found that 76 percent of the participants who sent weekly updates to a friend reported successful goal achievement (completely accomplished their goal or were more than halfway there), compared to 35 percent of those who kept their goals to themselves, without writing them down.

“My study provides empirical evidence for the effectiveness of three coaching tools: accountability, commitment, and writing down one’s goals,” Matthews said.

TrainerMetrics makes it easy to set goals with your clients and keep their eyes on the prize. Each time you enter assessment data you’re taken directly to the Goals screen. This is where you can set target goals and dates.

Follow these three steps:

1.Enter your measurements as usual


2.Set goals and target dates


3. Print recent results and revist next session