Product Update

TrainerMetrics Releases Client Portal


How often do you hear the term “accountability” in relation to Personal Training and client management? More times than you are probably comfortable admitting. One of our biggest hurdles with building TrainerMetrics has been validating an easy way for Personal Trainers to share all of the crazy amounts of heath and fitness data they have been taking.

Now anytime you create a new profile for your client you have the opportunity to automatically invite them to take ownership of their data. No more excuses. No more denial. No more guessing. The effect of technology in the personal training environment can no longer be ignored.


As a personal trainer, the implementation of a web-based client portal increases the level of customer service in addition to minimizing paper work. Anytime your client asks what their body fat is, what corrective exercises they should be focusing on, or what their target heart rate zones they should be working in, tell them to take out their phone and look for themselves.

For more information, you can read our feature materials, better yet, sign up for free and invite your first client to their digital folder.