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When we started designing TrainerMetrics (formerly iOS app Results) in 2011 we realized there was a need in the personal training market for a tool that could effectively calculate fitness assessments and quickly display the resulting data visually. Also, we needed to develop a dynamic application with the ability to save data to user profiles so personal trainers could keep track of their clients fitness progress.

We learned that trainers typically measure more than one area of fitness per assessment day. Most trainers weigh their clients and take body fat on one day and measure cardiovascular capacity on a different session. A standalone calculation just didn’t happen, personal trainers needed to input multiple data sets and calculate resulting metrics in seconds.

TrainerMetrics features a single assessment form that allows you to input and calculate multiple frequently used fitness assessments at once. Metrics are displayed in tables with corresponding graphs and categorized by assessment type (body composition, cardiovascular, biomechanics). We encourage you to help us continue to build an effective tool by visiting our Beta page and sharing your feedback.

Physical Fitness Assessment Card


Print Off & Batch Upload Assesments

  • Complete 360 degree client asssment card.
  • Body Fat%, VO2Max, Overhead Squat to name a few.
  • Stay organized and save data.