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TrainerMetrics Releases Newest Feature, Client Fitness Reports


Presenting visual progress data to your personal training client base will increase your resign and retention rates. Having the ability to print or email your client’s fitness progress reports makes you that much more “sought-out for” compared to your colleagues.

Your Client’s May Like You, But They Love Results

Lets think of it this way. Trainer A, takes his client’s measurements on a weekly basis and records that data on an assessment card. Trainer B does the same thing, although she provides a one page print out of her client’s progress on a monthly basis.

Assuming that these two trainers have the same education, methodology, and communication styles who do you think would have an easier time retaining their client at the end of the training package?

Anytime you can leverage your value as a Personal Trainer, your ability to resign a client has increased exponentially.

TrainerMetrics Releases Fitness Reports

When we build out features, it only makes sense to keep it simple…stupid. Over the last three months we have heard from beta testers that they need the ability to present progress data to their clients either for education or to back of their efforts.

Secondly, our trainers wanted the ability to give their clients a quick view of what corrective exercises their clients should be doing before training sessions. It allowed them more time to concentrate on strength and conditioning work instead of foam rolling.

So we did just that. One report to highlight stats, and one report of customized corrective exercises. How much energy does it take to click a mouse or screen twice? My point exactly.

If you are trainer who already takes client measurements, do yourself a solid and sign up for TrainerMetrics beta. For more specific information, you can read our feature page.