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Measure Body Composition With a Tape Measure


Besides the scale, the most universally known tool to measure anything is a tape measure (or ruler). With that said, there are many ways we can use this simple device to measure body composition. Whether you are getting fitted for a suit or your trainer is taking measurements, some of the most important results to track can be calculated from circumference measurements. The typical person might weigh themselves once or twice a month and then judge their nutritional and physical habits based on their feelings toward their most recent results.  But why would you judge how hard you exercise or little you eat because your weight shifted?

Whether you are using a piece of yarn and a ruler or you happen to have a “Myotape“, simply weighing yourself and taking measurements for your neck, chest, waist, hip circumferences, and entering a target body fat % in to the TrainerMetrics web application will give you results and/or classifications based on population norms.


Ideal Weight

A body weight that is considered healthy based on your goal “Target Body Fat %”

Body Mass Index

A useful measurement of overweight and obesity calculated from weight and height measurements.

Body Fat %

The estimated percentage of body fat related to body weight.

Waist to Hip Ratio

The ratio of waist and hip circumference to determine body fat distribution and can be an indicator of metabolic disease.

Lean Mass

The difference in lean body weight (bone, organs, muscle) from current weight. A useful measurement to track gains in lean muscle mass.

Fat Mass

The amount of estimated body fat a person has in typically pounds and kilograms.
If you are just getting acquainted with the TRAINERMETRICS web application, we recommend you start with some basic measurements.  When you measure body composition it is easy to establish goals.  By taking the following measurements you will have a better idea of how you should plan your workouts versus guess.

Calculate body composition data with TRAINERMETRICS web application simply by:
  1. Navigate to your profile, and select “Assessment.”
  2. Input measurements for “Weight”, “Target BF%” and at least “neck, chest, waist, hip” circumferences.
  3. Calculate by selecting “Save and Continue” button.
  4. Refer to “Body Fat % and Target Body Fat % data.

When you measure body composition, it is very important that you take at least 3 measurements per site to create the least bias.  Hold yourself, a friend, or your clients accountable by quickly adding circumference assessments to your monthly workout regiment.  You will quickly see how much your hard work is paying off!