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What Makes A Great Personal Trainer?


We spend a lot of time thinking about what makes a trainer a “great” personal trainer.  Can it be measured in how much money they make?  Their years of experience?  The happiness and confidence of their clients?  Surely these are signs of a great trainer, but are these the things that make a trainer great?

“You changed my life” only happens after the client’s attitude, confidence, and self-awareness achieve escape velocity.  That’s why we provide you with tools to expand the conversation beyond just weight loss, so that you can help your clients understand and mentally engage with the process of transforming their lives.

So, what makes a personal trainer “great”?

Your ability to observe and mentor.

Just like a booster rocket provides a satellite with the punch needed to escape the earth’s atmosphere , a personal trainer’s job is to return their client to a healthy, sustainable lifestyle.  If you don’t understand why this is good for your business, perhaps you should spend some time thinking about why you chose to become a personal trainer.