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Introduction to Fitness Testing



Although most of us are aware of the impact poor life choices can have on our physical health, the majority of the population doesn’t know how healthy or fit they truly are. Why? Evaluating your fitness is easier than you think and can be done a variety of ways, by various people, and quickly.

Throughout your life you are always self-monitoring your weight, but what else? There is an array other metrics that are just as if not more important than testing your weight such as:

Body Composition

The amount of lean mass mass your body has compared to the extra weight you carry around and where you mostly carry it.


The biochemical process that occurs, enabling your body build up or break down nutrients.

Aerobic Fitness

How well your body regulates and distributes oxygen throughout your body while getting rid of carbon dioxide.


Your joints ability to move through a proper range of motion with appropriate lengths in muscle movement.

Muscular Strength & Endurance

The contractile and tensile capabilities of the muscle to exert force.


As personal trainers we are not the only ones who are evaluating your health. Are you familiar with the Presidents Physical Fitness Challenge, federal and civil employer fitness testing, as well as the notorious NFL Combine? Ironically, most of these assessments are similar in what they are testing whether it falls under only a few or all of these categories.

Are you testing your physical fitness frequently, why not? Do you wake up and weigh yourself in the morning and are upset at the fact the scale hasn’t moved even though you have been hitting the gym 5 hours a week? Even though your food intake is pretty good you should still be seeing results right? Well then its time to start evaluating yourself in each area of fitness.

If every week you recorded one fitness metric, do you think you would see some sort of progress over time, what about a lifetime? By knowing where you are at you might be surprised to see how close where you want to be is.

Fitness Assessment Protocols


Stop Estimating Your Clients Body Fat

  • Over 20 Assessments.
  • Straight forward step by step instructions.
  • The only equipment you need is a measuring tape and stop watch.