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Create Your Personal Health and Fitness Network


How many time does the average client have their body measurements taken by multiple Personal Trainers?

My guess is at least 4, bear with me.  Chances are Jenny has walked in and weighed herself only to be approached by Fitness Manager A who ends up taking her stats, selling her training, and scheduling her with Trainer B. Trainer B is a veteran and retains Jenny for a year until he moves and delegates her to Trainer C. Jenny doesn’t think that Trainer C is a good fit and asks the Fitness Manager A if she can train with Trainer D. Now Jenny is happy 😉

Now the question is how is her data managed? In over just a year Jenny has had the chance to work with 4 different trainers starting with the fitness manager. He created a TRAINERMETRICS profile for Jenny and every time she had a new Trainer the both had the ability to delegate each new Trainers to manage her profile. This allowed each trainer to know Jenny’s past progress and have a reasonable idea how to program based on her goals.

The point is, anyone can create their own personal health and fitness network.

In cases that…

Clients come and go but their fitness data should always be accessible.

If you are a fitness professional you know what its like to get clients from past trainers and recommend clients to other specialists.  There is a learning curve and the transition itself can cause lapse in time that can be better managed. The ability to pick up a new client where another trainer once left off is as easy as ever. Create a health and fitness network with professionals you trust.

You have a trainer and a nutritionist?

If you are a client and have a trainer chances are you may have had a consultation with a physical therapist, dietician or nutritionist, and possibly a coach. By creating your own profile you can keep a health and fitness statistics available to you and your network of professionals.

If you work out with a friend, why wouldn’t you compete?

If you have a true accountability partner it would make sense that you keep track of how well each of you are training, right? Delegate one another to manage both profiles and really set the bar. It takes more than just showing up to make progress, and TRAINERMETRICS will keep you motivated.

If you haven’t already, sign up for a free account and build your person health and fitness network.