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Effortless Exercise Prescription


How often do you go the gym without a plan? Most of us actually have no plan at all but to just move around for about an hour or so a few times a week and call it good. Wouldn’t it be better to have a plan though, even a program? Of course it would, as long as we trust the validity of the program and buy in we all would feel much more confident in what we are doing when exercising.

Where do you start? Without fundamentally assessing physical fitness (read more, Introduction to Fitness Testing) there is no possible way to appropriately recommend any exercise program. Well where do you go when you need a prescription for something? Personal trainers at your local gym should have experience in fitness testing and exercise prescription especially those who you see training often.  Asking any trainer to take skinfold measurements, circumferences, and  overhead squat technique will give you the feedback you need to begin. Many of the assessments you can even do yourself such as record your own weight, heart rate, and flexibility.

With this information you can create a free profile with the TrainerMetrtics web application and begin to see where your journey starts.  Understanding your current health and physical fitness is crucial. If your body fat percent is normal but cardiovascular capacity is very poor, what might the initial focal point of your exercise prescription be? With TrainerMetrics you will not only know exactly where to start your training but also have specific exercises to correct your movement patterns, training heart rate zones for optimal workout intensity, and caloric recommendations based on your lifestyle and goals.

Now there is finally a fitness tool to help you understand your health and fitness. Take a few minutes and record your stats once a month to keep your exercise prescription up to date and accurate. As we continue to release features to help customize your health and fitness program, please feel free to contact us with any help, request, or just to share your story.

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Useful Template for Any Trainer or Coach

  • Warmup, corrective exercise, strength, conditioning.
  • Specialized assesssment area.
  • Print off any keep at the training office.