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The Easiest Overhead Squat Assessment


Too often I find myself observing my clients overhead squat, marking off a checklist, and picking out muscle groups I immediately want to attack.  Maybe some of us don’t even need a checklist, we can just assess and get right to modifying movement patterns based on a general understanding. Why is it that after smashing adhesions and waking up unused muscle groups my clients think I am some sort of magician? It is because moving efficiently and pain free feels different. Almost like being a kid again and if I am the person showing someone else how to unlock their potential, my value as a professional just went up.

The only problem is how many sessions do you want to spend pointing out muscular imbalances and teaching corrective exercises? Personally, I find teaching the same thing to the same person over and over again a waste of not only my time but theirs as well. Using the TrainerMetrics application, I can assess my clients overhead squat, teach them why corrective exercise is important, and send their homework in seconds.  We are not just talking about a few exercises. Based on their overhead squat assessment results, my clients receive all self-myofascial release, flexibility, and muscular activation exercises along with a list of probable over-active and under-active muscle groups.

Now what, should your clients spend their whole workout foam rolling and reping-out floor exercises? Hell no, the overhead squat assessment is the perfect tool to aggregate a series of lower body and upper body exercises that are ideal for an effective warm up and prep prior to putting the body under load. Because the majority of exercises only require a foam roller and resistance band they can be done anywhere.  Now their is no excuse for your clients not doing their corrective homework.

Calculate the easiest overhead squat assessment calculator here

Corrective Exercise Reference Manual


Straight Forward Prehab Guide

  • Myofascial release, flexibility, & activation exercises.
  • Step by step insructions with photos.
  • Perfect print out for functional training area.