Client Tips

Don’t Track Your Nutrition Every Day


How often should you log your nutrition with Myfitnesspal or Lose It? Everyday?

Like a muscle contraction, most people believe they need to take the “all or none” approach when starting a fitness program. And everyone would agree that frequency and consistency is the deal breaker when it comes to seeing progress.

Another key component is establishing a habit. A habit is defined as a usual way of behaving and something that a person does often in a repeating way. Creating a habit typically takes practice can be especially challenging at the begining.

Having an “all or none” approach to creating a frequent and consistent nutritional lifestyle change, is not sustainable. So how do you go about trying to create this habit? Baby steps.

Start by using awesome tools like Myfitnesspal and Lose It to create some personal awareness. I recommend my clients to use these tools religiously 6 days/ week for two weeks. After two weeks of tracking your nutrition, you will have a better sense how much, how frequent, and what types of fuel you’re putting in your body.

As human beings we are genetically designed to crave sugar, fat, and salt. Deleting these nutrients from your diet forever is never going to happen, so don’t plan on it. Instead enjoy these delicacies on a special day, “cheat day”.

Take a cheat day…every week. This doesn’t mean go off the deep end every week, rather get small amount of your cravings in so that you can manage another consistent week of eating clean.