Great Data Makes Great Trainers

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How It All Started

We started TrainerMetrics in 2011 because the world needs more great personal trainers: trainers who motivate clients, deliver and communicate results effectively, and build long-term relationships. We give trainers access to digestible metrics and client stats, all in one intuitive hub, so they can optimize training programs, increase retention, and improve reliability and results.

Data is a powerful thing, but trainers often lack the analytical skills necessary to make it useful. Other tools use black box, proprietary calculations methods and don’t make the data available in a way that is easy to store and share with clients.

That’s why we stick to peer-reviewed assessments to ensure the highest level of quality to our customers. Our assessments are not based on invented algorithms: they’re based on science and research.

Today, TrainerMetrics strengthens connections between trainers and clients. It creates milestones that go beyond weight, delivers weekly reports, and serves as a diagnostic tool for trainers who need to motivate clients. TrainerMetrics is one of the most robust training assessment tools on the market.

Personal Training Core Values


We believe that our ultimate goal is to make our clients self-sufficient.


We train each client as an individual and respect their preferences and limitations.


We set realistic, achievable goals and never making unrealistic promises.


We admit when we don’t know the answer to a client’s question and then go find the answer.


We regularly assess our client’s progress and adjust our approach accordingly.


We believe that trust and communication provide the basis for long-term relationships.

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